Our Homes

Shekinah Homes Society prides itself on supporting Core Members in houses located in welcoming neighbourhoods.

Our Homes are located close to each other in the picturesque Tillicum area of Victoria. Each of our homes is as unique as its family members, carefully designed by our Core Members, families, and our staff to ensure they meet the Core Members’ present and future needs.

All homes are well maintained, spacious, bright, modern, and accessible. Each Core Member has their own bedroom, decorated the way they choose, including paint colour and furniture. The common space is shared by all who live there.

Shekinah’s homes are licenced by Island Health and provide services in accordance with the Residential Care Regulations.

Happy Rock

“Happy Rock” is a tribute to our original home on Gladstone Avenue and also incorporates stained-glass from the old heritage home into its design. Like our other homes, Happy Rock has a large gathering area that includes a kitchen, dining space, and living room. Beyond the bedrooms on the main floor, there are two suites: one for two of our independent Core Members and one for our Residential Care Workers


“Bethesda” was the first of our purpose-built homes and translates to “house of mercy or grace”. This house also has an original stained-glass window from our first heritage home and  a private suite for our Live-In Group Home Workers


The name “Ark” was borrowed from the French word “arc-en-ciel”, meaning rainbow and symbolizes protection and safety. The Ark is our most recently built home and Shekinah’s head office is located on the back lot of the property. There are bedrooms on the main floor, a third-floor suite for our Residential Care Workers, and the Keel, our fourth home, is in the lower level of the residence.


“Keel” symbolizes independence, strength, and stability, akin to the support structure of a boat. This custom suite meets the needs of one Core Member and houses the offices for our Ark and Keel Home Coordinators.

Our Day Programs

Self-determination is one of our core values. Our Core Members choose or create community day programs based on what they are naturally interested in. We focus the abilities, not the disabilities.

We help them choose outlets that suit their needs and preferences – while are individually focused, we still emphasize community involvement, recreation, and social outlets.

While many of our Core Members take part in existing day programs in the community, Shekinah supports a group of Core Members in-house. Each house offers an on-site day program that supports Core Members in exploring and finding value and meaning through their activities. Activities include music, art, volunteer work, swimming, biking, pet therapy, horseback riding, and whatever else interests our Core Members!


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