We Are Shekinah

Shekinah Homes Society is a non-profit community of people residing in Victoria, British Columbia on Canada’s idyllic west coast. We provide a home and family environment to adults with a diverse spectrum of disabilities.

We envision a way of life where ALL people are given the opportunity to love, learn, work and play. We are an inclusive community where the worth and unique value of each person is honored and celebrated.

Our mission is to build a community life for adults with a diverse spectrum of disabilities, their families, and other community members – to create positive social change, enabling each person to be a respected and valued member of community and society and in turn, open a world of incredible opportunities.

Our community members enjoy the warmth and closeness of home life, where they can grow old in a familiar place – their home. Additionally, being a part of the Shekinah family gives everyone a chance to develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Vision and Values

We envision a moral and just society where all people have opportunities to love, learn, work, and play in inclusive communities, where the worth and unique value of each person is revealed and honored, and where we joyfully celebrate our humanity, spirituality and chosen lifestyle. 

Our History

What began as an idea in 1975, has evolved into the strong community of remarkable, gifted individuals that is Shekinah.

Shekinah has been flourishing in Victoria with our community of people and homes steadily progressing. The organization became Shekinah Homes Society in 2003 following an intense period of strategic planning.

While wholly independent of L’Arche Canada, Shekinah Homes Society retains the original vision and philosophy – of living together with people of different abilities, nurturing the spirit, and celebrating humanity together.

“Shekinah”, when translated has a few meanings, all of which help paint the picture of who we are – a safe dwelling for people and spirit. Shekinah is guided by what we have named the ‘Essence of Life Philosophy’, which provides us with the tools to assist Core Members in living the fulfilling life of their choosing.

The Essence of Life is a practical approach to ensure Core Members have authority over their life and personal values – while prioritizing inclusion and safety.

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