Why join Shekinah?

The Core Members

The fun-loving adults with a diverse spectrum of disabilities who live together as a family, who want to share their lives with you, and have you share your life with them.

The people

Shekinah Homes Society is a warm, welcoming, multi-cultural community comprised of talented, passionate people. Our staff are referred to as “Assistants” and those that live-in are Communal Living Assistants or CLA.

The experience

Hone your skills in an ideal environment for a career in caring for others. Many of our Assistants from overseas discover that Shekinah Homes Society is an ideal gateway to a new language and culture.

The setting

Victoria, British Columbia, is located on the southeastern tip of Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast and is one of Canada’s most picturesque cities. People living in Victoria enjoy a mild year-around climate, access to nature, and a quality of life that possesses all amenities of urban living in a city small enough to have retained its character and charm.

The inclusive spirit

Everyone has a voice at Shekinah Homes Society and every opinion is heard. Decisions are made as a community, sometimes with much spirited debate. We follow contemporary, progressive ideas about what it means to be an intentional community. Our goal: To honor and empower not only our Core Members, but also all who live and work here.

Summer 2022 – Student Testimonials

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“An experience like no other”

“Working at Shekinah has been an experience like nothing else I have ever done. Although I was not here for very long, I felt a strong sense of connection and family from everyone. Getting to know the Core Members and staff showed me that Shekinah is a community as well as a workplace and a home. Even with all of the challenges that they’re facing, Shekinah always manages to keep the health and happiness of the core members at the centre of everything that they do. I’m going to miss working in this fantastic environment and I will never forget the experiences I gained and the people I met.” 

– Elliot Pierce, Administrative Assistant

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“A rewarding job”

“Working at Shekinah this summer has been such a fun experience. I loved how part of my job was to just spend time with Core Members – eating meals with them, playing games, going on walks and just being present. This has been such a rewarding job, getting work experience at something I am passionate about while also becoming very invested in Shekinah’s mission, staff and Core Members’ lives. Shekinah is such a special community to be a part of, and I am sad to see my time here coming to an end.”

-Meghan Denison, Media Coordinator

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Tyla and Bean at the beach

“Shekinah changed the way I see the world”

“When I got the recreation position with Shekinah I was a bit nervous, I had no experience working with adults with disabilities. Quickly I learned these amazing people had so many abilities, so much spirit and unique personalities. I learned more than I ever could have imagined. I especially felt proud when I got to know each Core Member and found what made them smile, laugh and what interested each of them. I grew in ways I didn’t know possible. It changed how I see the world. The Core Members I worked with taught me new ways of communicating. I learned flexibility and compassion. Overall, as a university summer student, this was by far my most meaningful experience and I truly feel I gained more than I gave. Working at Shekinah was the most rewarding job. Just being able to be there for the Core Members, watching them try new things and loving it, made me feel accomplished. The staff and the Core Members left such an impact on me; I can only hope I was able to impart even a fraction of that in return. The summer flew by, and I am sad to say goodbye to each and every core and staff member I worked with. Thank you Shekinah.” 

– Tyla Lee, Recreation Planner

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How we recruit

Our decisions are based equally on an applicant’s skills and values. Basic health care knowledge and training is essential, including First Aid & CPR Certification, Food Safe Certification, WHMIS, Confidentiality, Class 4 or 5 Driver’s License for more than 2 years, negative tests for TB and Hep B.

These functional abilities must be augmented with compassion and patience as it directly contributes to our values. Applicants need to be able to move into a Core Member’s reality and see the world through their eyes. In this way, our Assistants relate to each Core Member in a respectful, non-judgmental manner.

The journey begins with an invitation to make your home in one of the Shekinah’s four homes, where you will accompany Core Members in their daily activities. You must possess a willingness to be open, learn and grow with the Core Members in their journey through life. Sharing life and supporting the Core Members as family is what being a home care worker is all about. Assistants support the Core Members in meaningful activities that enable them to reach their full potential and share their gifts with others.

Join us!

Shekinah Homes Society hires people who recognize the importance of our values and are passionate about helping our Core Members lead meaningful lives. Our diverse team collaborate to ensure all members are always happy, healthy, and safe. Browse career opportunities and apply below!

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Home Care Assistant

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