Residential Care Worker

Residential Care Workers live on-site with Core Members. If you are looking for a care position with Shekinah living offsite, please consider the Group Home Worker position

Role Summary

Shekinah boasts a unique model that pulls people together from all over the world to the idyllic West Coast of Victoria, BC. The natural beauty of its oceans and beaches, and the city’s scenic communities draw people from far and wide.

The role of a Residential Care Worker is to assist Core Members in all aspects of their daily lives and help them in reaching their goals. They get to know each Core Member and learn their unique language, learn who they are and how to best help them live the life they choose. To be a Residential Care Worker requires one to live in the home as family. It is a position of trust, responsibility, and growth. For this role, we request at least a two-year commitment to the Shekinah Community.

Apply for this Role

We are not currently hiring individuals for this position. If you are interested in another role with Shekinah, please consult our active hiring page on Indeed.

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