Canada Summer Jobs 2023

Role Requirements for Canada Summer Jobs

Eligible applicants must fit the following criteria:

  • Between the ages of 15-30
  • Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Available to work a minimum of 30-40 hours weekly

These are seasonal roles lasting a minimum of nine weeks. Although, applicants may be considered for a longer term position at a later date.

Applicants must have received a minimum of two COVID-19 vaccinations to be considered for a Canada Summer Jobs position.

Personal Support Worker

Applicants must be available to work a minimum of 30-40 hours per week. The Personal Support Worker role includes a combination of daytime, weekend, and evening shifts.

Role Description:

The Personal Support Worker is responsible for providing support to adults with disabilities in all aspects of daily living, while creating a feeling of home and family for Core Members (adults with disabilities) and others living in the household. They work in collaboration with their house team to ensure the well-being, growth and development of Core Members in the various aspects of their lives in accordance with Shekinah Homes Society’s principles, values and Essence of Life philosophy.

Personal Support Workers are expected to relate well with all Core Members and team members, and uphold a high standard of respect and care to those who put their trust in them. They will support and advocate for Core Members in all areas of their emotional and physical well-being. Personal Support Workers will ensure Core Members are comfortable and safe. They are reliable individuals who will take initiative in the home and develop and evolve their competencies. The Personal Support Worker is a participating, valued member of the house team and the Shekinah Homes community.

Recreation Planner

Applicants must be available to work a minimum of 30-40 hours per week. The Recreation Planner role includes a combination of daytime, weekend, and evening shifts.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Implementing fitness program for our clients with disabilities.
  • Gathering resources and teaching staff various games and activities to engage clients.
  • Planning events and recreational activities for clients to participate in during community days.
  • Working with clients to improve mobility by establishing routines to be done with other staff and support persons.
  • Digitally recording and uploading all implementations to our organization’s shared drive.

This candidate will work in a close team setting with all staff to conceive programs and activities that will best suit the client and their individual needs. They will be responsible for digitally recording plans and programs. They will take initiative in training and implementing a recreation schedule for each home. They will be responsible for transmitting schedules to each home using using our organization’s online communication platform.

Administrative Assistant

Applicants must be available to work a minimum of 30-40 hours per week, Monday through Friday.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

General office duties will include

  • Answering the phone, data entry, filing documents.
  • Assisting in editing, updating, and organizing training manuals and digital filing systems.
  • Updating Policy Binders and forms and informing managers of any changes to our online communications system (ShareVision).
  • Assisting with administrative tasks to facilitate office productivity.
  • Greeting and assisting visitors in our homes.
  • Collaborating with staff to maintain effective organization of documents and client information.

Candidates will be trained to recognize and follow confidentiality policies due to the sensitive nature of our business. They will be working in close collaboration with management to share resources and to plan, coordinate, and accomplish tasks. They will take initiative in scheduling with home managers to complete the scanning and uploading of documents, files, etc. at each home.

To apply, please send your resume to, or apply via Indeed.

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